First Nurse Family Reunion

In my young 23 years of living if there is anything I have learned its that family is an important component to understanding who you are as a person.  Even though I am a first generation American, my family instilled many Guyanese customs into my lifestyle. My father was one of 10 kids each having 2 or more kids which all migrated along the east coast of the U.S. Because of that we don’t see each other as often as we would like to but when we do link up we always pick up where we left off at. This summer was the first time that we linked up on behalf of being together as a family instead of it being a special occasion (holiday, birthday, wedding, funeral, etc), and we had a blast! A weekend was spent in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where we just enjoyed each others company and gave an update on where we are in life. Although the time was very short spent, here are a few images from a very loving weekend of laughs, food, and music.  NURSE FAMILY REUNION ALBUM

Zoo Atlanta

Growing up as a kid I always went to summer camp while school was out because my mom didn’t trust leaving me home by myself everyday lol. When I was too old to actually attend camp, I decided to apply as a camp counselor so that I could start making money during the summer instead. After one summer I learned that taking care of other peoples kids isn’t exactly what I want to do in life but I did meet a lot of bright kids who will always have a special part of my heart. I hope I was able to spread positivity into them just like my counselors did when I was their age. I didn’t bring my camera too often (summer camp and cameras don’t exactly mix) but I did get a chance to document one of our field trips to the zoo! You can check out the full album here.

Dancer & Illustrator Bri Cali

Experimenting with strobe lights for my controlled lighting class, Bri came over to be my muse for the day. We played around with colored gels, body poses, and dragging the shutter. Even though a lot of images didn’t get put to use for a series, I decided to release them to be seen because they still look pretty awesome! The final image from the shoot is apart of my “personal work” under the photography section but the rest of the images can be viewed here.

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