Family Bound to Guyana

Guyana is often confused with Ghana but they are actually in two separate continents! Guyana, is a fairly small third world country that can be found along the north coast of South America next door to Brazil. Although they do not compete economically to other countries , they are home to a few hidden gems of the world! Kaieteur Falls, the world’s widest single drop waterfall can be found here (yes thats bigger than Niagara Falls), and Guyana is one of the worlds cleanest air countries! Dubbed as the Land of 6 Nations, Guyana’s history holds layers of culture which can be seen heavily influenced through their food, music, and traditions. This past year, a few family members and I had the pleasure to visit to celebrate my Grandfathers’ 95th Birthday! As a first generation American I cherish being able to visit my parents homeland and learn about my family roots. Also since I am a lot older since my last visit from 14 years ago, I was also able to explore the country itself as “tourist”. It can be really easy to become attached to the hip of your technology so for this trip I only carried my 35mm Canon Rebel Film Camera with multiple rolls of color and black and white film. You can see the prints from my Guyanese Travels Here. 

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