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Have a memorable moment for the books whether its a wedding, baby shower, birthday party, or anything else in between!  

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Outside is open and the social life is ramping up! Bookings are available for  curated parties and rotating monthly schedules.  

Workout Vibes

Need a high energy mix for pumping iron? Get a heavy bass mix made for your cardio & strength training sets.  

Personal Mixes

Any specific vibe in music  can be curated with a consultation. Music is the universal language!

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Michelle MnM is a versatile maestro of good vibes and musical genres. With a passion for harmonious melodies, she captivates audiences at diverse events, from Poetry Nights to lively Bars & Clubs, Hair Salons, and joyous celebrations like birthdays, weddings, and baby showers. Her talent extends beyond hosting, as she excelled in violin for eight years and danced passionately in her school years. Her unwavering dedication to energetic musical experiences drives her to constantly experiment with sound. With boundless talent, creativity, and a heart full of passion, Michelle is a radiant force, inspiring all on her cultural musical journey. Contact her today for your future booking inquiries.

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